HTC Tattoo - toy or tool?

2009-12-02 16:10:55


  • contacts: Skype, ICQ, etc
  • web20: twitter, flickr, facebook, can probably connect those to contacts
  • wlan: working out of the box
  • contacts: email field, you get a ".com" button preselected that reveals ".org", ".net", ".de" on press - sweeet
  • browser: looked at 2-3 pages of my pages, mostly fine
  • youtube: works out of the box, yay.. oh, not important, nevermind.
  • sound: unplugged version of "hier kommt alex", still decently good sound :P
  • privacy: I unchecked "use GPS" and "enter google details" - for now


  • sms: where?
  • I got a message that my SIM was full and I could delete some old SMS. As soon as I left that UI (after a nice * java exception), I couldn't find it again, as it was a "problem marker" in the upper task bar that led me there.
  • wlan: try to enter a reasonably random key that looks like a234f6e643a36cd64abd
  • display: fingerprints. everywhere. arg!
  • market: needs google integration


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