Console games. And MMOs

2009-08-29 13:01:12

Since WoW Patch 3.2.0 (or the minor hotfix one week later) hit I had abysmal frame rates. WHere I normally had 50, I now had 5-10. And all my virtual memory was full. Turns out they changed something with the shadows because some people had experienced a bad display of shadows earlier. Well, now they killed some optimizations and a ton of people had very low fps. WHAT A GREAT CHANGE.

Anyway, with Windows 7 RC and 4 GB RAM now I'm set. (With my 8800 GTS and new 190.62 Detonator drivers.) All settings on Ultra, just shadows on the lowest possible and I'm back to 50 fps.. grrr

These are the times when I wished I was a console gamer. No hardware problems. Eithers it's working or it's dead and you replace it. In one part.


Life's a bitch, life's a whore. Nothing less, nothing more.

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