msysGit and me

2009-08-24 10:10:15

As I'm keeping code for my diploma thesis in git and svn atm (various reasons, don't wonder) and I've got a few windows boxes, I've come to see that git+windows isn't always an easy task.

So that I shall forever remember what to do, here's it:

  1. open up puttygen
  2. import openssh private key
  3. save as whatever (putty format)
  4. open up putty
  5. save a new session:

    • port 22 or whatever
    • Connection -> SSH -> Auth, select the converted putty key from c) or use pageant
    • session name: gitosis_host or something
    • important: save to registry, not to file
  6. git clone gitosis_host:project.git


Life's a bitch, life's a whore. Nothing less, nothing more.

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