Weird Windows Networking

2009-07-08 21:19:45

Ever since I've played around with my ipv6 tunnel I - obviously - had IPv6 on my main workstation, which happens to run on Windows XP Pro.

So far nothing weird, but I just fixed a problem - which is related to this ipv6 stuff.

I've had problems with really slow loading times on two websites, one a blog and one is

Today I was fed up and tried to search for faster python doc mirrors, but I had no luck. So a ping told me it had an ipv6 address because I wanted to exclude a slow DNS, so I planned to put [ip] [hostname] into my hosts file. Wait... I just remembered that one blog also showed me a v6 IP on pinging, but I've never bothered as I mostly read it via feedreader anyway. So I removed the ipv6 driver from my primary NIC (it had been disabled already for months), had to reboot and... wow - is fast again and when I ping it I get the v4 IP.

Very weird. And again - Windows sucks for Networking stuff and I love my eeePC to troubleshoot. Don't wanna know how much cygwin-fu I'd need to get arping running. If at all...

Filezilla also always tried to update from a v6 IP that couldn't be reached (without the tunnel) - so probably that will now also work...


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