Weird problem with vm-pop3d

2008-06-18 11:01:20

I've been using vm-pop3d for quite some time on Debian sarge and never had any problems.
After making the same setup on a Debian etch machine it would always die after the pop3 call of UIDL.
After some digging in the sourcecode and finally being able to reproduce it with some crashes after free() I tried the Rambo method of commenting out the call to free(), recompiling and testing - it worked.

Still not really grasping what is going on here I'll have a closer look again.

And I'm hoping a pop3d process started from inetd won't live long enough to produce any memleak.
Time to grab my "Operating systems" by Tanenbaum and read up on memory management again and compare that to Linux :P


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