phpeclipse/eclipse+zend/php directory class

2006-04-06 15:30:53

I've felt the need to both test both the Zend IDE and phpeclipse and so I made a little thing for practice and to fiddle around a bit.

First the Zend IDE made a good first impression, but I gave up soon. I wasn't able to work with a file of just 500 lines because it felt more frozen than sloppy. Default colors for highlighting were quite good and readable, that's a big +1. But it also has problems with a lines with both ' and " in it: [geshi lang="php]echo 'hello '.$test."\n";[/geshi] is underlined in red and so are the following lines.

I was really surprised by phpeclipse, which I had last tested over a year ago and something wouldn't work and as I was (and still am) quite content with Weaverslave, I didn't check it out lately until now.

For larger projects I'll definitely use phpeclipse from now on - I'm used to using eclipse for Java anyways.

Just a very quick and rudimentary roundup, but imho especially an IDE shouldn't get in the programmer's way and do just what it should be - aid development.

Because I didn't know what to do and I've long searched for something like this, I'll started a quick hack of a directory parsing class, because I don't really find dir() handy for certain tasks. First I tried to do it with Arrays - quite a mess. Then I put in a little bit of OO and recursion - much better.

Output looks like this:

<a href='/uploads/misc/xDir-output.gif'><img width='110' height='83' src="/uploads/misc/xDir-output.thumb.gif" alt="" />
plain and html output

This is a var_dump output of an xDir object:

<a href='/uploads/misc/xDir-dump.gif'><img width='110' height='83' src="/uploads/misc/xDir-dump.thumb.gif" alt="" />
var_dump() output

The code is available under - any comments welcome.

I'd appreciate any comments if I missed anything with similar behaviour (mainly something like Apache's directory index with a few extras like: "ignore by pattern", level of detail, etc) - perhaps even a PEAR class I overlooked?


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