Testing Seagull

2006-03-05 01:27:57 Getting to know about the preview of the Zend Framework we came to talking about frameworks in general in #pear I was told to try out Seagull again. Now here's what the major annoying points where:
  • the site has 0.5.5 as "development release", I tried installing it via PEAR
    (instructions here - didn't work at all
  • then I tried svn-trunk, as was recommended. This worked better, but 2 more things happened:
    - first pageload: template issue: "Notice: Undefined property: HTML_Template_Flexy_Token_Text"
    - memory_limit of 16 MB may or may not be recommended by setup - I did get a Fatal error in PEAR::Date_Timezone when a "joined at" should've been displayed in a user page
  • they use trac, and I personally hate to register to file bugs - ok, no bug reports by me then :/
  • minimalistic is ok, but when I see the default page introduced after a fresh install, why can't I edit it? - too strict separation of framework and cms? why is it installed then?
  • when I login as admin, I am presented the modules page - when leaving it, however, I can't find my way back there without logging out and in again or remembering the url
Notice: Undefined property: HTML_Template_Flexy_Token_Text::$argTokens in seagull/lib/pear/HTML/Template/Flexy/Compiler/Standard.php on line 677

Fatal error: Allowed memory size of 8388608 bytes exhausted (tried to allocate 933888 bytes) in seagull/lib/pear/Date/TimeZone.php on line 3706

But here are the pros.

  • documentation is very good - many projects could try that...
  • the irc channel seems quite active, another good thing
  • it looks good and I still would really like to dig in deeper

My personal wishes would be

  • dish out RCs and releases faster
  • unit testing is fine, but how can it be that a new user can't get it too work? my dev webserver happily accepted the last ~20 opensource apps
  • make submitting bugs open. don't force work on users. YOU want them to help your project

This story will surely be continued...


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