Introducing a new category

2005-11-30 18:25:44

A new category named PHP has just been created to contain all php related stuff in the future.

As mentioned in this post I try to translate the PDO docs to German, but sadly I haven't yet found ot if

<!-- Generated by xml_proto.php v2.1. Found in /scripts directory of phpdoc. -->
means anything or if it can be done like the rest.

My PEAR account has been created by Pierre and I also finally got my Karma. Until now I cleaned up the whole phpdoc of Net_IPv4 and added and fixed some stuff in the end-user documents. Unfortunately I couldn't do anything against the bugs, because Marco already killed them on first sight. If I've got some spare time I'll try to decrement the bugcounter by fixing some documentation bugs, who normally only take less than 5 minutes if they were reported properly.

Update: Net_IPv4 got a new release wiith better documentation and a few bugfixes.


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